John Pontius’ Standing and Support of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
and His Last Final Encouragement to 
Denver Snuffer
Written on April 6th, 2020
Because there have been unsubstantiated rumors and innuendos circulating in
regard to John’s status with and support of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints, I would like to set the record straight as to John’s love of the restored Church, his
standing in it, and his full support for its leadership, both past and present. Throughout
his entire life, John was completely faithful to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints, and a member in good standing. He wholeheartedly supported the Church’s
positions, doctrines, and those in authority. All of his writings and lectures reflect this.
In “Journey to the Veil,” John wrote, “I am now and always will be a warrior in
defense of the Latter-day Church. Not only is it ‘true’ but it works. It brings to our lives
the very blessings we are seeking . . . I think one of the missions of the UnBlog has been
to say over and over that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is not broken. It
is not somehow true-but-not-functioning, or a kindergarten class one must enroll in and
then graduate from to go beyond. The voice of the UnBlog is that this Church is
profoundly true, that it is operating as Jesus Christ directs it, and that it will be the
organization through which He finally authorizes and orchestrates the building of the
latter-day Zion.”

Denver Snuffer

I also understand that there are some who equate John’s writings with
Denver Snuffer. It is true that John and Denver were friends for some years, but
that friendship was severed in 2012 when John last met with Denver. I wish to
recount this occasion, as I was a first-hand witness to it.
While we were still living in Alaska, John and I had read Denver Snuffer’s
book “The Second Comforter” and we felt a sweet spirit about that book. John
had just published “The Triumph of Zion,” and as an LDS author, he contacted
Denver to chat about the gospel and their mutual love of the Savior. After several
phone conversations, Denver and John decided to meet during one of our trips to
Utah. Upon meeting in person the two became friends in the gospel.
Later in 2010, John and I moved to Utah where John continued his blog
“UnBlog My Soul” and underwent cancer treatments. John continued to speak
with Denver, and they met together occasionally. John felt their friendship was
one of mutual respect and love of Jesus Christ and His restored Church.
However, in 2011 Denver released a book entitled “Passing the Heavenly
Gift” which John declined to read, because he said it obviously voiced
dissatisfaction with the Church. By the fall of 2012, John was nearing the end of
his life. As he was growing more concerned for Denver, John called him and
arranged for a meeting.

On the day of their meeting John was feeling rather poorly, so I drove him
to Denver’s law office in Sandy, Utah. John was unusually quiet on the drive,
contemplating what the Spirit wanted him to say. When we arrived, Denver
escorted us into his law office. We sat in the rich leather chairs and chatted
amicably. Then John asked Denver if he were as disenchanted with the Church
as “Passing the Heavenly Gift” seemed to imply. Denver bristled, but as they
were friends, he candidly disclosed some of his offenses with the current Church
leadership and policy. John listened carefully for several minutes without saying
a word.

Then John looked lovingly at Denver and said, “Denver, you are my friend,
and I know you haven’t asked for my advice. But I came here to tell you that,
whether you know it or not, you are on the road to apostasy. I beg you to let go of
your grievances, and meekly submit to the Church leadership and policy. The
Lord honors His priesthood leaders, and we must as well. Allow the Lord to
handle His Church. Humbly do whatever is asked of you. Do not seek to steady
the ark, or to call the Church to repentance. Just submit! This is your great test.
Do not be deceived. This is what I have come here to tell you.”
I saw an obvious and radical change come over Denver in that moment.
His face blanched and then hardened, and his whole body stiffened. He stood
abruptly and thanked John for coming, then summarily escorted us out of his
office. I do not think he shook John’s hand, but I cannot recall that for sure. It was
obvious to both John and to me that Denver did not want to hear the message
that John had just given him.

John and I drove home very sadly, John mourning for his friend. He never
spoke with Denver again, and died a few months later. Little did either of us know
that not only would Denver himself apostatize, but that he would take hundreds
of people with him, and even start his own church. But this I do know: Denver
was warned.

If you have any questions, I encourage you to reach out to me.
Terri J. Pontius
Copyright 2020 - Terri Pontius - All Rights Reserved